Home Depot mascot?

While this bird may feel quite at home on a Home Depot security camera, perhaps some development or preservation of green areas should be required of urban and suburban retailers beyond a vast swath of box-like buildings, concrete and asphalt.

Posted By David


It would be nice to intensify that area, or at least get the Home Depot to do some home improvements of its own and add a front entrance on St. Clair.

I will ask David one the writers for the blog about that St Clair, he usually has a good understanding of HD motives.

Good point. HD has, perhaps until recently, thought only of its big boxes as destination stores. That is, stores to which customers were willing to drive great distances and to the exclusion of any other mode of transportation, much less, their own feet. Of course, when HD built the Stockyards location there were no homes right across the street so I guess they did not see the need for a more walkable entrance. Another reason they wouldn't put an entrance on St Clair is because they already have considerable difficulty controlling inventory shrink due to theft and loss. Having another entrance, especially on the other side of the building would probably give the management nightmares; they seem to see every customer as a potential thief. But, get a group together to lobby the company to make their stores more community friendly and who knows what you may be able to accomplish.

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