Annette Bike Lanes issue complete info at world 19 blog

Over at the world 19 blog they have an complete update backed by all the background info with liks to city docs. In fact everything you would want or need to know.

from their site;

Bike Lanes

In this newsletter, we provide a brief background (again) on this issue, a recap of the public meeting held Sep. 15, results of public input, staff recommendations, and information on its next stage: presentation to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on Oct. 10, and information on how to provide your input.

The issue goes to Committee, Friday Oct. 10.

  • Public response overwhelmingly supports full bike lanes
  • City Staff supports full bike lanes
  • world19 supports full bike lanes
  • Councillor Saundercook opposes full bike lanes
  • Your voice needs to be heard.
  • Read on…

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Attention all Annette bike lane advocates! The final round of the great Annette Bike Lanes Debacle is upon us. It’s time to gear up one last time and let your wishes be known to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee before they convene this coming Friday, October 10th to determine just what will be done about the missing stretch of bike lanes between Runnymede and Jane.

World 19 site

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