Vine parkette drop test passes with flying colours

Monday Morning (Oct 14/08) a team of three parks employees conducted a drop test in the new playground area to ensure they area was surface safe for children playing on the playground equipment. Alphe Savoie a playground practitioner with the parks department made the test with two of his park department associates.

The test was made with the  Triax 2000 triaxial accelerometer which measures impact in three dimensions using a hemispheric shaped head from. The head from is dropped from a tripod from a distance –  in this case of approx 8 feet. The Gs, HIC, and impact velocity are measured. the velocity, time, and date of each drop are reported. The city then archives this data for compliance reporting.

The results of   this mornings test are as follows. The numbers listed below are representative of all the drops done at the testing time, all of which  I watched.

Peak of 55 ( Gs)  where the upper limit  number is 200

Peak of 158 (HIC) where the upper limit  number is 1000

You can see by the numbers the surfcae passed with flying colours.

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