Tanker cars derail on CPR Tracks in the Junction

Without going near the occurrence it appears at least four tanker cars have derailed on the CPR Track north of Mc Murray Ave and Vine Parkette. The car pictured above is directly across from the parkette. The CPR quickly had crews working to contain the small fluid leak and upright the cars. It’s now 2:34 pm and they continue to work on the situation

Update 5pm CPR was running  two engines accoss the affected track, seemingly to test thier state, then the final crew members departed.  

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Thanks for the info and photo's it's amazing that in all the years that I have lived in the junction ( 14 ) that this is the first time a derailment has occured. It is also re-assuring that CP worked so quickly to clean up the spill.
It would be interesting to know what the emergency process is on both sides of the fence if it would ever occur in the next 14 years.


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