Victoria Royce Church 152 Annette St – Alterations Heritage Property

Below is a summary of the Etobicoke-York York Community Councils review of the Victoria Lofts conversion. The original is located in the meeting minutes from Tuesday, November 18, 2008. The Victoria Royce Church is one of the Junctions best buildings and conversion projects are very difficult to do right. The balance between accommodating the character of the building and its new inhabitants is a challenge to any architect.

152 Annette Street - Victoria Royce Church
152 Annette Street - Victoria Royce Church

Overall I believe this project will preserve the general look of the building but I remain both nervous and excited about the outcome

Approval of Alterations to a Heritage Property
Proposal – The project converts the existing historic church and the attached school structure to a residential condo consisting of 34 residential units. The condo will exist within the original structure with the exception of one rooftop penthouse atop the school portion of the building.
Notes on architectural preservation:

  • Minimal intervention in the masonry of the church building as only eight small new openings are proposed at the tower.
  • Minimal intervention at the roof as disturbance of the roof plane is minimized by the use of discrete reverse roof dormer elements.
  • Restoration of Masonry
  • Preservation of smaller leaded windows, large arched openings and exterior light fixtures.

    • It appears the large stain glass windows will be converted into balconies

  • Retention of tower entry features adapted to the new residential use

    • The entrance arch will remain but a balcony will be added.

  • Retain the existing interior hammer beam structure.
  • Preserve and re-use offsite the stained glass windows, organ, pews, grates, etc.

    • Pews are available for purchase at Forever Interiors

152 Annette Street - Victoria Royce Church showing building outside changes
152 Annette Street - Victoria Royce Church showing building outside changes

Other Notes:

  • The manse structure will be severed from the project site and sold.
  • The condo will have 22 underground parking spaces

contributed by Martin L.

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