Junction BIA approves JFAC contract

The Junction Forum for Art and Culture has signed this years (2009) agreement with the Junction BIA, which details their collaborative efforts. Camern Victor emailed note told us the agreement is  “a mutually agreed upon contract authored by both the BIA & JFAC.”  The Junction Forum for Art and Culture (JFAC) Chair Councillor Bill Saundercook and Vice Chair Carmen Victor and the other JFAC members put considerable work into getting this done, as did various members of  The BIA (who we would name, but we don’t know which people acted on behalf of the BIA). (We hope someone will tell us)

JFAC’s primary event each year is the Junction Arts Festival but seems to be planning even more this year starting with a winter carnival at the end of Janurary 31st see this post for details.

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