The Mess Never Gets Better


There was light at the end of the tunnel when a crew and dumpster showed up to clear the garbage piling up in the back from a potential squatter throwing it out the backdoor, after a concerned citizen called the city.  But, romour has it, that this new pile of garbage is the owner’s solution to keeping people from parking in the driveway.  Since this photo was taken yesterday, the pile is already bigger from other people adding to it.its-your-junction-with-jra-words-adobe-illustrator-cs2-file

We are currently compiling a list of the properties owned by this neglectful holdings company.  Any info would be welcome.


This is worthy of a complaint to your local councillor. I believe the city councillor may have access to a list of landlords through MPAC. The landlord could be fined for littering, creating a fire hazard, etc bylaws can be invoked here.

Thanks for staying on top of this. So many residents have complained to Municipal Licensing and Standards about these properties over the last few years and I have seen property inspectors on site in response, but nothing ever really seems to change. The properties continue to deteriorate and attract garbage and we continue to complain.

If anyone knows what other properties these people own, please let us know. We are currently collecting information and speaking with tenants. Our intention is to organize a unified action against them. Right now, we have 7 confirmed houses.

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