Metrolinx Open Houses tonight 1573 Bloor Street West

There is bound to be a lot of people at the Go Transit, Metrolinx open house tonight.

Tuesday, June 9
3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The Lithuanian House
1573 Bloor Street West
Toronto M6P 1A6


The trains seem to be louder lately both the noise they are making on the rails and their whistles blowing at all times of the day and night. We live two blocks west of the tracks and can hear it, where before we use to hear the whistle now and then faintly when the wind would blow it in our direction. My almost 2yr woke up from a nap crying "Mummy no trains" because of the noise (on a Saturday), he usually loves the train!! I really feel for the people that live even closer!!

What happen to Metrolinx saying they would not be pile driving past 4:00pm, there's been a few nights where it's gone to at lease 6pm. Also they are working weekends on the tracks (not pile driving) but making plenty of noise banging, trucks beeping and trains whistles. At the open houses and within e-mails they had stated that they would not be pile driving past 4pm and not working on weekends. Looks like they just can't keep their word about anything, so why should we trust all there "PR stuff". It would be easier to put up with all this if they would just "come clean" (in more than one way) and go electric.

Yes, I also noticed the increased frequency of the horns on some days. The times when they blow the horn for like a minute in short bursts are annoying.

Just a guess but are they blowing the whistle more because the construction crews are working in and around the trains.

The open house is little more than a PR move and going electric is going to take more than a negative comment sheet from a few a hundred people.

The clean train coalition seems to be making some progress and Cheri Di Novo has a way of getting Metrolinx attention. Supporting their efforts is our best bet for positive change. This isn’t going to stop the piledriving but it might make it worth the noise.

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