aug 13 2009 Maria street 004

Maria Street is a west east running street paralleling Dundas St West in west Toronto, situated  in an former industrial area centered around the CPR operations in the area the street still has a small number buildings of an industrial character that may have been used for small enterprises during the  begin of the last century. Now the lots of these buildings are a mix of a house and out buildings created and modified as needed.

Maria Street has some sections that are very well cared for – such as the area pictured above in the top image. Well kept gardens and lawns, tidy garbage storage, all in well lived homes as can be seen by the full yet neatly arranged strollers and kids toys on the verandas.  In this section many have chairs for sitting and viewing the evening and quick chats with passersby.

The larger industrial development passed Maria Street by. The street never attracted the large plants such as Vine Ave and Mulock Ave did.  The plants jumped over to the west side of Runnymede Rd.

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