The Village by High Park, naming poll

vbhp poll Don’t much about this but it appears the purchasers of the X The Village by High Park condominium units are conducting a poll to name their building.


The developer has decided that "The Village By High Park" is just a temporary / marketing name for the building. The development board will be selecting a new name in the coming months. Several purchasers have suggested alternatives and the poll reflects the most popular ideas.

"Junction Village" is quite a poor name considering that the Junction at the end of its independent existence assumed legal "City" status. It wasn't just a village like some areas which eventually were assumed into the city of Toronto.

Heintzman Place sounds nice. It honours the original history of the site, a name solidly connected with the Junction and Toronto. Forget about village. It is overdone in real estate naming and seldom resembles a real village because they are almost always vertical.

I agree, I don't like village because it sounds like it is trying to be much more than it actually is, it is simply a condo building not a geographic area.

I like Heintzman Place as well, because of it's historical significance and it sounds like it is a part of the Junction and not trying to be the Junction.

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