Municipal Licensing and Standards report on monitoring of Hard Rock and Santos Excavating and Neon Disposal Ltd., 101 Union Street

Highlights from city the report.

City Council requests the Ministry of the Environment to investigate the

environmental and health concerns of the community, particularly the air borne contaminants and the effects of the noise and vibration on the nearby residential community.

Hard Rock and Santos Excavating and Neon Disposal Limited operate a commercial

business from the property at 101 Union Street.

As a result of neighbourhood concerns Municipal Licensing and Standards coordinated a

joint investigation of the operation of the business and the subject property to determine

compliance with municipal by-laws.

The joint investigation took place on February 3, 2010 and included staff from Toronto

Fire Services, Toronto Buildings, Transportation Services, Municipal Licensing and

Standards and the Ministry of the Environment and Parking Enforcement.

Toronto Fire Services identified issues and are dealing with blocked exits on the interior

of the building.

Toronto Buildings has advised that there are no matters of violation or concern under

their jurisdiction.

Transportation Services identified violations under their jurisdiction related to the illegal storage of disposal bins within the right of way (boulevard area) and roadway, in addition to illegal parking on the boulevard area. These matters were resolved with the cooperation of Parking Enforcement staff on March 4, 2010 where 10 vehicles were tagged and towed, (4 vehicles from the roadway and 6 vehicles from the City Boulevard).

The Ministry of Environment had no issues identified regarding noise or vibration. There was no evidence of air borne contaminants at the time of the inspection. The only concern was with the accumulation of household waste within the illegally stored bins.

This matter was resolved upon the removal of the bins from public access.

Municipal Licensing and Standards has communicated the requirement to expedite

repairs due to the condition of the existing fence (deteriorated corrugated metal).

At the last follow up investigation conducted on March 20, 2010 the fence has been

substantially repaired. At this time there was also a Zoning charge pending with the

courts to be heard July 27, 2010 regarding the use of the premises and a pending charge regarding non-compliance with a Notice issued under the provisions of City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 548, Littering and Dumping.


And now how about investigating National Rubber Technologies (NRT) at 35 Cawthra Ave. The burning-rubber stench seems more prevalent than ever.
Pollution Hotline 1-866-663-8477

I totally agree, I think everyone should call the pollution hotlne on National Rubber Technologies (NRT) at 35 Cawthra Ave. The more complaints the harder the health inspectors /City etc.. will be on them to raise there stacks and fix their odour problem or move out.

Pollution Hotline 1-866-663-8477

I totally agree and more complaints on this NRT plant will help force them to comply and keep the plant clean and and reduce the smell that comes from this plant.

I believe the more residents that complain about this NRI Plant, the more that will be done to keep it clean and reduce or illiminate the odours that come out from this plant
by increasing the height of their stacks. Hopefully one day in the near future they do decide to move to a location where residents do no reside and can run their business
successfully with no complaints.

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