Interesting walk in the upper (North) Junction

One of the most interesting walks in the Junction is the walk behind the industrial road of Glen Scarlett Rd. While you are in a completely natural area the industrial landscape just  above the trees and creek is completely invisible for much of the outlined walk above.


Not sure about that walk suggestion Junctioneer…

The creek is HEAVILY polluted (the water is orange), and that area has a lot of stolen property strewn about at the bottom of the ravine (as in peoples purses, wallets, etc.. minus anything of value of course). Also, the smell of chickens/cows being processed might make some people nauseous

I remember going there a few times. There was indeed some orange residue at the bottom though the water seemed clear. The smell from the industry is horrible.

It's an interesting walk but sometimes disturbing.

agreed it's interesting and a cause for thought, thats why it's important to walk it, it's not dangerous in the day

The creek's name is Lavender. Would it be possible to associate it's smell with it's name?
Could it's essence come from the hide rendering plant above the creek, or the auto body establishment on the other side of the creek?
The businesses bordering the creek, contribute to the walk being interesting!

Agreed thanks for the comment I often wonder how this beautiful ravine could be made to not be affected by the places on the ridges on either side.

Thanks for letting me know the name.

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