Origami is first power folding stroller in the world

In a community with a larger stroller mob, the blog thought this would interest a few.


Check out the Origami – most of the time, first time parents find that going out with a little baby in tow is not an easy task at all, as one needs to figure out all the possible eventualities, and bring along enough provisions. Well, setting up a standard stroller could prove challenging, especially when you are already carrying a couple of bags across your shoulders. Well, the Origami might be able to solve whatever problems you have in terms of being too bulky – as it is the first power folding stroller of its kind in the world.

4moms has developed this particular power-folding stroller, where all it takes is a single touch of the button to fold itself. It is also self-charging for that added bit of independence, since generators located in the rear wheels will juice up the Origami whenever you start to walk – or in the case of a stroller, one would naturally stroll. There are also daytime running lights which ensure you and your baby will be able to see what’s going on ahead, as the pathway lights that are located under the stroller will turn on automatically in low-light conditions. Embedded sensors will know whether a child is in the seat, so that it won’t fold itself by accident. All details from the thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer will be displayed on the LCD dashboard. The asking price is definitely not cheap though at $849.99 a pop.

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