Does the Junction lack men wear shop.

The Dundas St W. strip in the Junction has no Men’s wear shop. At one time it had a number. including including acmen’s store at Medland Ave and Dundas St. , one on Keele St just north of Dundas St. West.

On Bloor St just of Bathurst Ave last week this anomaly stuck this author. We really need one, hopefully one with great window displays such as this one on Bloor St. W.


Bloor West Village has limited Men's clothing options.. the way we shop has changed, we're more mobile and likely to go to a central shopping area (downtown) or worse, a feeder mall.

Not so sure clothing shops are successful in the hood. Personally speaking I've never shopped at nor seen anyone shopping at any of the clothing retailers.

yes could be true, was comment how at one time it was. There also used to a ton of woman's clothing places,

Actually, based on the revival of many traditional shopping areas around the city in the last decade, it seems like people once again would like to be able to buy the products they want in their own neighbourhoods. Yet when it comes to menswear, the selection seems to be limited relative to that available to women no matter where you go. I was shopping for some warmer clothing late last fall, and of the men's sweaters I found, every single one was a shade of grey. That's the kind of situation that makes clothes shopping dull and tedious. Maybe I'll be able to walk to the new shopping centre at Keele and St. Clair; it's supposed to be designed with storefronts along St. Clair and along a new private street.

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