Plunge in April New Home Sales Recap

The Altus Group provides a good service to the real estate community, butbi wonder if they consider value of their data beyond the prospect and expected buyers of their data.

community groups with tgeir basuc data would be much better informed.
 April 2018 GTA New Home Sales Recap
There were 1,727 total new home sales in April 2018, with 502 Low Rise sales, down -65% from April 2017 (down -70% from 10yr avg) and 1,225 High Rise sales, down -65% from April 2017 (down -38% from 10yr avg).

 As of April 2018, there were 209 active Low Rise sites in the Greater Toronto Area and the total unsold inventory was 4,339 lots. The total number of active High Rise sites was 288, with a total unsold inventory of 9,958 units.
Altus Group

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