High Park at Night: Urban Bat Walk, Wednesday, July 4th & 11th 8:30 pm to 10 pm

[bmtextbox type=”alert” title=”High Park at Night: Urban Bat Walk” image=”0” textcolor=”#F88017″]Wednesday, July 4th & 11th 8:30 pm to 10 pm High Park Forest School Join High Park Nature Centre in exploring High Park’s amazing and mysterious bat populations! Using hand-held bat detectors, you will listen for bats’ ultrasonic calls in High Park, explore their habitat, behaviour, and favourite foods as they swoop and loop during their evening, mid-air forage. This is a free event! Suggested donation of $2-$5/ person. Supported by Kiwanis Club of Toronto.[/bmtextbox]

[bmtextbox type=”alert” title=”Map link Google” image=”0″]High Park Forest School click ? (375 Colborne Lodge Dr)[/bmtextbox]

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