Why is the Junction BIA promoting a commercial, we made this to get business history of the Junction, instead of supporting the local historical society.

1st, this video they are promotiong has a number of factual errors about the Junction history.
2nd, the WTHS could write a d produceca much better video on the subject, for very little which the loval BIA could afford to provide them with.
3rd, over time underfunded Junction Historical reseachers and writers have lessened their output becuase of the cost and time good research takes.


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We support WTHS and are saddened to hear that the sharing of this video on a few of our social media channels made it appear otherwise. We did not produce or fund this video in anyway – we do not have the capacity in our budget to do so, and if we did we would definitely be consulting with WTHS during production. We too noticed the factual errors but were excited by the general positive way The Junction was discussed. The Junction BIA is always happy to be featured like this by media and commercial outlets. Let us all share the love of this wonderful neighbourhood!!
— Christine Sweeton, Junction BIA Executive Director

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