Sugar to shore in Toronto, costs and ways

When the bulk carrier ship Brant Built: (2008), or Labrador (2010), or  Tundra (2009), or the Chestnut (2010) docks in Toronto with on average just over 19 thousand metric tonnes of sugar from such places as Nicaragua’s Corinto, Redpath Sugar pays the Port of Toronto 55 cents per  ton as a port fee to dock the ship and permission to unload. Probably most of these ships were built in China, at the Shanhaiguan Shipyard.


19000 thousand metric tonnes of sugar costs 10450.00 dollars in port fees.



The ships owned by the Canfornav Inc based in Montreal all all very much the same build, with 30 tin deck cranes, which are not used to unload sugar in Toronto, but are reportedly useful in the St Lawerence Seaway navigation.



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