2978 Dundas Streetand the great Junction lost laneway, known as the way among many.










The new condo proposal on this site is ending a 100 year old right of way issue in the Junction. Walk east along side of the church on east Pacific Ave just north of Dundas St. W. And you begin a walk along private property that up until a decade ago and five years was a defacto public lane.
The driveway of the church’s lane and along back of 2978 straight to Jackson Place laneway was open to walking and vehicle traffic. Cars and trucks used the way to move from Keele St. to Pacfic Ave and the busineses that were in the lane. 7 Star bakery, where the laneway loft houses on the south side are today, these houses built using the rear wall of the bakery, which can be seem today by walking the small lane behind the houses.
The way was also used by the the glass bottle factory, and the many companies that occupied their old building and lot, the craft and busness building at 51 Vine Ave.
The laneway was a much more active business purposeful area up until the mid 80’s, and the Junction much less interested in property issues.
Yet the most use was simply by people wishing to avoid the throngs of people on Dundas St, from Keele St and and Quebec Ave. This contunued right up until the very begining of the seventies. The Junction sidewalks were so packed stockboys, from kresge’s and woolworth stores had to have guides while doing work out side the stores., During period of time stockboys were boys, girls of early and mid teen ages worked as store assistants then.
While the winding down of the instensity of activity by Junction retailers at the begining of the 80’s greatly reduced the use of the way, and a blockage and later a fence in the early 90’s halted car and truck traffic, the way can still be walked now, while just for now. Just not at dusk, as you proably be offereda job by spirt of owner ofvthe Junction Bargain house, or one of May Bros.

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