Truck for Locomotive Brasses at C.P.R. West Toronto Shops.

Truck for Locomotive Brasses at C.P.R. West Toronto Shops. 1911
The accompanying illustration shows a very convenient shop truck used by A. Dixon, General Foreman, Locomotive Shops, C.P.R., West Toronto, for mov-ing locomotive driving-wheel brasses about in the shop from point to point for the various necessary operations in-cidental to undergoing repairs. Previ-ous to its use, it was necessary to raise them on to an ordinary truck by block and chain, and when removed to the new location, lift them off in a similar manner. By the use of this truck, the neces-sary work is very much reduced. As will be noted, the truck is built on the cantilever principle. At the end op-posite the handle, there are two attached hooks which, when the handle is
raised, may be gripped over the ends of the brass. Depressing the handle clears the brass from the floor ready for mov-ing. The construction of the upright from the wheels is such that its inclin-ation is just sufficient to bring the centre of gravity of the brass directly in line with the wheel centre line. Thus, the brass is in equilibrium, in no way bearing down on the handle, and is therefore very easily moved. One man can operate much more easily than two could by chaining up and raising by block and chain as heretofore. It will be noted that the parts are of very simple design throughout.

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