Railway crossing automatic protection at the Wallace Ave 1st approved 1970, removes person to operate crossing.

CROSSING,Public Works, viz.: 16, 1970)

The Wallace Avenue level crossing is protected by flashing lights and short arm barricades and operated manually by a person in a watch tower.
was “The upkeep of the lights and gates, including watchman’s salaries, approximatelY $32,000.00 for 1969.

Equipment was available in 1970 to provide automatic operation an estimated cost of $25,000.00. This change would substantially eliminate maintenance costs and the tower could be removed

“Negotiations with the Canadian National Railways and the
Canadian Transport Commission indicate that no grants would be re-
ceived from the Railway Grade Crossing Fund. Although the respons-
ibi1ity for construction and maintenance of the crossing protection
presently lies entirely with the City, the Canadian National Railways
have agreed to contribute 50 per cent. of the maintenance.”

Recommendations :

  1. That Council approve the conversion of the protection of the
    Wallaee Avenue level crossing to automatic operation.
  2. That the City Solicitor be authorized to make application to the
    Canadian Transport Commission for approval of the automatic

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