Councils huge loss to the Junction in permissible development rights given to developer over community benefits. 2978-2982 Dundas Street West and 406-408 Pacific. Avenue

The plan as approved by the city for the developers.

The developers of 2978-2982 Dundas Street West and 406-408 Pacific. Avenue is sitting well in some nice restaurant congratulating themselves of their shiny new bylaw giving them a whole lot of rights and benefits for their property at Dundas Street West and Pacific Avenue., all which will contribute to their profits on this site.

Maybe one of them is wondering what’s up with a council that cannot see or remember the goals it created and achieved in Regent Park and Corktown for those communities. Or that they are not developing in LA California, or Buffalo NY, where this bylaw would die in their minds as they set to type out their requests.


The prime aggrieved loss with this development is the loss of a public park walkway and bikeway from Pacific Ave to Jackson Place, greened and fitted with seats and lighting, it would have been great.

Now it most likely will be car right of way for the condo, annoying the pleasant and advantageous use by the few hours in the lane next to Jackson Place.

This strip of land will also greatly increase the use of Jackson Place and the east west laneway behind the Dundas St. W. retail buildings, yuck.

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