New Wabash Community Centre Could result of demolition of current heritage buildings on grounds.


The following answer to a prospective architect designer intended on putting in a design proposal for the

New Wabash Community Centre, indicates the city has no permanent plans to include the existing heritage building on the site.

Remember that is just what the city did with the Guild In site In Scarborough, saving the original building completely by restoring and refurbishing it.  see full construction and completion photos in this post

A2. Section 3.1.3, Potential Heritage Component, indicates that the Scope of Work may include the potential development of the existing building/structure(s) on the project site in whole or in part, as part of the new community centre and that the existing building/ structure(s) on the project site are currently not listed nor designated, but may be considered to have heritage cultural value.


Through the design process, the status of the existing two buildings will be determined.

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