Child education starting at Ryerson University

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Bite sized games for kids teaching foundational reading skills through play. 

Toronto and Halifax-based Squiggle Park, founded in 2016, is helping educators from the around the worldteach the next generation critical literacy skills through its digital-focused platform.
The premier application is designed to help children improve their reading skills through a series of games, digital lesson plans and in-class activities. Both teachers and parents can track student progress over time and create personalized plans for individuals who could benefit from a customized learning experience.
Founders Leah Skerry and Julia Rivard Dexter have found international success through their startups by creating bite-sized, short games that keep students not only engaged longer but produce higher success rates.
The company’s unique strategy has garnered the growing startup thousands of clients around the world and partnerships with schools in the U.S., Mexico, India and China. In order to provide students with an up-to-date curriculum the startup also oversees a community of educators, appropriately called its “Squiggle Squad,” that act as a place for teachers and educators to share advice, lessons and more to help it maintain its high standards.
In 2018, in addition to its rapid growth, DMZ Squiggle Park raised $800,000 seed round to support its latest venture Squiggle Park: Dreamscape, an interactive game that allows students to learn and practice literacy skills online.

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