David Byrne Interview: When to Resist Technology

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 I used to think that I should watch TV 

I used to think that it was good for me they’re recording part of music has gotten much cheaper people can record on their laptops they can edit and compose on their laptops and the quality is fine the means of production have been handed to the creators which is kind of wonderful but it means that there’s a lot being created and not all of it is good the sort of the software that allows us to record on laptops tends to encourage us to record in certain ways it tends to make the songs very regular repeatable the tempos are usually very strict in steady which at some point in the past was an ideal but it’s not an absolutely steady tempo is maybe not not the best thing in the world so in some ways the computers and the technology push us in a certain direction and we have to know creatively when to resist that when to resist the things that the computer makes too easy depending on what kind of music it is I’ll start off with Mega be a guitar or something first to get to get a framework starting without the computer allows me a certain kind of freedom I’m not restricted by what the computer tries to get me to do I love this child we’re to be honest I don’t think the quality of recordings is the most important thing it this music that I heard when 

I was very young I heard it on a horrible sounding little radio and but it completely moved me it completely changed the way I thought about music and other things I try and when obviously when I’m recording or capturing a piece of music I try and get the sound to be as good as possible but I realize that somewhere down the line people might be listening on their phone with their headphones they might even be listening just holding the phone in their hand maybe they’ll be listening on their computer speakers that’s very likely 

but you know the speakers that are maybe this big so I realized that it’s there it’s there if people want it but if they don’t want it or can’t afford it or don’t need it I hope that this the song or the music works in whatever format when I see people listening to music on their phones maybe without even a headphone with just holding the phone up it makes me wonder okay what kind of music works really well like that a global pop music is that the the kind of it sounds best like this or is it some other kind of music that sounds best like maybe a solo solo violin or something very very simple if one were to compose music that would sound good when you just hold up a phone what would it be I don’t know

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