Dewatering at Taddle Creek at the UofT section

The buried  creeks in Toronto are a very huge loss for the people of the city and big bad for the past citizen s of the city. Taddle Creek however makes a good bit of trouble when works need to done n the section of UofT it passes though. 
Right now works being down me are accompanied by constant Ing dewatering of water from the creek as digging goes on. ? 

About Taddle Creek from Wikipedia

Taddle Creek is a buried stream in TorontoOntario, Canada that flowed a southeasterly course about six kilometres long, from St. Clair Avenue west of Bathurst Street through the present site of Wychwood Park, through the University of Toronto, into the Toronto Harbour near the Distillery District. During the 19th century, it was buried and converted into an underground sewer, but traces of the creek can still be found today. The scenic footpath known as Philosopher’s Walk follows the ravine created by the creek from the Royal Ontario Museum to Trinity CollegeTaddle Creek is also the name of a Toronto literary magazine and of a local Montessori school[1].

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