A new capacity-building project for community agencies.


Social Planning Toronto (SPT) and Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC) are working together to support a new capacity-building project for community agencies. The goal of the project is to support agencies in developing organizational structures and policies through creating a hub of web resources. Agencies who access these supports and develop the appropriate organizational structures and policies should be able to meet or exceed all the organizational eligibility criteria for the City of Toronto’s Community Service Partnerships  (CSP) funding. Please note that meeting or exceeding the CSP organizational eligibility criteria does not guarantee funding. While many non-profits already have systems in place to support their daily operations, some have not taken the additional step of drafting those systems into policy. It can be intimidating to know where to start and how to formalize your existing practices! Resources provided by this website can serve as a reference for agencies seeking to develop their own policies. They should be used as a guide to start the process or even the discussion on which policies your organization needs, who needs to be involved in drafting them, and how these organizations connect with the people your organization serves.Policies created with staff, volunteers, and Board members’ participation often resonate with organizational mandates. They should not be static documents; try to include opportunities for reviewing and revising as needed. Here’s a brief article that explains how to start the process: Putting It in Writing: Getting Started with Policies and Procedures

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