Making a specialty of lawn mower sharpening | Queen Street, West, Toronto



MAKING a specialty of lawn mower sharpening and maintaining a high
standard of efficiency in such work over -a long term of years has been
responsible for developing an extensive business in such work for John
Caslor, hardware merchant, Queen Street, West, Toronto. Mr. Caslor is a fami a figure
in the hardware trade having been treasurer of the organization now known
as the Ontario Retail Hardware Association since its inception and a pioneer in the
hardware business in the City of Toronto. Mr. Caslor is still active as indicated
by the fact that he has sharpened as many as thirty mowers in one day during the
Spring season, and as many as fifty mowers in two consecutive days. Taking the
Spring season as a whole he has sharpened approximately 600 mowers. A sign
hanging outside the door, and plainly visible in the above picture, combined with
the long established reputation of Mr. Caslor for such work are the only mediums
by which this active business is retained. Mowers are brought to him from all
parts of the city, and as a ride the machines he handled constitute “repeat” business
because he advocates a sharpening each Spring or more often if the machine is
given more than ordinary use.


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