Zebra mussels treatment at Redpath Sugar Docks

Sep 18-19, 2019, Removal of excess foam for the cleaning operation of zebra mussels from the intake pipe at Redpath Sugar Docks

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By Rinita Banerjee

Zebra mussels were first discovered in Canada in 1988 and have become a well-established nuisance in the Great Lakes. Their rapid colonization rate and environmental resilience make them difficult to control. Zebra mussels can adhere to hard surfaces such as PVC, plastics and metal surfaces to form multilayer colonies (Griffiths et al, 1991). This results in blockage or reduced flow in pipes and water intake systems, leading to adverse long-term economic impacts.

Various design techniques have been employed to control infestations of zebra mussels. The most common include a combination of chemical treatment and mechanical removal. However, concerns have been raised about the harmful effects on non-target aquatic species, Full article.

excellent article on Zebra Mussels   accessed Sept 08 2019

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