Fresh Collective on Roncy is celebrating 25 years.



About the store from their blog.

Fresh Collective is the leader in innovative fashion retail in Toronto. Our three lovely boutiques specialize in independent Toronto designers. We supplement our collection with Canadian labels as well as some hand-picked international pieces to complete the look.

Ten years in business and growing strong, we succeed simply because we listen to our customers, have fantastic relationships with them and our team has a deep passion for women feeling fantastic through fashion.


Our goal is creating versatile wardrobes for the individualists who shop with us. We source pieces and lines with specific customers in mind. We believe in wardrobe building; finding those unique pieces that you’ll LOVE that will last you through various seasons, events and situations. We source timeless classics with that extra something special that reflects your personality and make you feel amazing. We also pepper our collections with fun pieces that pick up the trends without being so trendy you won’t wear them next year.

We know we don’t really sell dresses, skirts and tops. We sell confidence, beauty and self-expression through fashion. We inspire women to let their outer selves reflect their inner self, and think of fashion as a daily form of communication and art that tells the world just who we are.

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