The TTC has reviewed bus routes in the Junction Area in order to help reduce travel times and produce better service to our customers. After holding local consultations and open houses, the TTC received positive community feedback for the proposed service improvements.

Starting October 13, 2019, the following service adjustments will go into effect.

Changes to the 30 Lambton route

The 30 Lambton route name will change to 30 High Park, and connect between High Park Station and Runnymede Loop at Runnymede Road and Dundas Street West. This service will replace the existing 30 Lambton service on the High Park Avenue corridor.

Service will operate every 20 minutes at all times except the late evening, when service operates every 15 minutes.

Changes to the 40 Junction route

The 40 Junction route name will change to 40 Junction-Dundas West, and operate from Dundas West Station to Kipling Station via Dundas Street West. This new route will replace part of the former 30 Lambton. Part of the service from Dundas West Station will turn back at Jane Street and St Clair Avenue West in all periods of the week to provide higher frequency service in the Junction Area.

Service between Dundas West Station and Jane Street will operate every 8 to 9 minutes during peak periods and every 10 to 15 minutes in off-peak periods. Service west of Jane Street along Dundas Street West will operate every 16 to 18 minutes during the peak periods and every 20 to 30 minutes in the off-peak periods.

Changes to the 71 Runnymede route

All service on the 71 Runnymede route will operate between Runnymede Station and Industry Street. Service north of St Clair will operate approximately every 10 to 15 minutes in all periods except late evening, which operates approximately every 20 minutes.

Service along St Clair Avenue West previously operated by the 71A (Runnymede Station-Gunns Loop) branch will be replaced by a new 189 Stockyards service that operates continuously along St Clair Avenue West to provide customers with better connections. The 189 Stockyards will operate from High Park Station and Keele Station, and along St Clair Avenue West between Keele Street and Scarlett Road.