New freight rates from Parkdale and the a Junction.


NEW local freight rates bearing date of

October 4 have been put into force

out of Toronto, Parkdale, Toronto

Junction, North Toronto, Swansea, on iron

commodities including bolts, nuts, washers,

chain, horseshoes, galvanizediron, iron pipe

and fittings, boiler tubes, nails, rivets, fence

wire, rope, pig iron, railway bolts, spikes,

fish plates, angle bars, etc.

“These rates,” said the jobber,” have

been put into force at the earnest solicita-

tion of the merchants and manufacturers of

Toronto. As a result, shippers are now on

an equal footing with Montreal, although we

should have had these rates earlier in the

year. We did, in fact, have them from the

C.P.R., but the Grand Trunk was slow in

getting into line. The railways will no

doubt be benefitted, because they will now

have a double haul—freight into Toronto

and freight out of Toronto on the same

goods. The most annoying part of the

business is that the merchants here have

had to agitate so persistently before they

could induce the railways to do what they

had a right to do long ago,” he concluded

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