High Park Community Alliance in discussions with developers, so Jan 27th Omb/LPAT hearing adjourned.

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January 27th Hearing to be Adjourned

Please note that the OMB/LPAT hearing scheduled for Monday, January 27th will NOT proceed with the presentation of the development applications, and the challenges by High Park Community Alliance and others.  
If you had planned to attend in support of this challenge, we thank you.  However, lawyers for HPCA, Minto, and GreatWest Life will only be there to ask that the proceedings be postponed for as little as one day.
The reason is that High Park Community Alliance and the developers are involved in discussions of a settlement, and these cannot be concluded prior to the scheduled start of the contested hearing at the Board.
As we advised you previously, the City of Toronto reached settlements with the development companies in December and is no longer opposing the applications at the OMB/LPAT.
We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.  We know some of you had arranged to take time off to attend in support.
We will share an update with you as soon as we are able.
Thank you again from HPCA.

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