The Cherry St lift bridge at the mouth of the Don River cost $294,00 1913. It’s to.replaced in the current Port Lands project.



2020-08-01 Spend $294,00 on Don
The Globe (1844-1936); Dec 1913
pg. 8
Harbor Board Approves Plans for Lift Bridge
Permanent Channel, 125 Feet in Length, to Connect River and Bay – Permanent Concrete Docks Will be Built to Aid Shipping.
The Harbor Commissioners yesterday approved plans and specifications for improvements to be made at the mouth of the Don River and the construction of a lift bridge at Cherry street.
 The work will be done by day labor by the Harbor Board. It was announced by Secretary Lewis that the work will be commenced in April next. The improvements, including the bridge, will cost in the neighbor hood of $294,000.
In connection with the improvements at the mouth of the river, a permanent channel of 125 feet in length will be constructed for the purpose of connecting the Don and the bay in accordance with the general scheme of the harbor front improvements passed by the Board several months ago. Permanent concrete docks will be constructed, and every facility offered for shipping purposes.
The lift bridge to be built across the channel at Cherry street will be of the “scissors” type, spanning a distance of eight-six feet. While the contract for this part of the work has not been awarded, Secretary Lewis stated that the bridge will be constructed especially for highway and street railway traffic.
= Hard to read the “125” Feet in Length, and could be 123 but 125 considered most likely and appears consistent with later discussion
= The phrase of “panning a distance of eight-six feet” is as was in the original source which is unusual in modern language. It likely means 86 as in eighty-six feet. The “y” was not in the original.

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