New residents Association in Toronto Junction, 🎉

The Junction has a new residents association with the website

This is great as the Junction has not had a residents Association for a number of years They indicate a group of people, with a stated goal of “to provide an effective platform for community advocacy and engagement”

It is great to see the word advocacy, in their goals, resident associations can be powerful, and in  many Toronto communities they really are effective. The Junction has benefited  from great community efforts before, here are some examples.

Past RA’s in the Junction successfully lobbied to have such great achievements as doubling the size of Vine Parkette in 1972, and in 2010 a group worked with the then councillor Bill Saundercook to close down the south leg of the “y” at St Johns Rd to create a public square.

In 1996 local residents worked diligently to cause the Canadian Pacific Railroad to install smart start on all its locomotives to greatly reduce the noise and pollution in the Junction area. The CPR continues to abide by the guidelines agreed to at that time.

In 1918 West Toronto residents caused the city fire inspector to investigate and ensure the  paints and Varnish factories in the
district were not dispensing with their night watchmen,” in
consequences of which if occurring “the residents were in hourly terror.” of fires.

The Twitter link is Junction_r a,

and the email address.

Wishing the group a happy and successful realization of their efforts and goals.







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