The Eglington Ave LRT, and its effect on retail coming.

MetroLink the governmental agency that is building the Eglinton LRT, has purchased many buildings along Eglington Avenue to provide access points to the tunnelling areas below ground and for future infrastructure such as stations along the line. Stations  will be constructed at the major intersections just such as Yonge St and Eglington Ave and Mount Pleasant Avenue and Avenue Road as well as a good as well as a good number of streets that intersect with Eglington  Avenue along the entire route.

However along Eglington Ave between major intersections where stations will be built the agency has purchased buildings which they have demolished to create access ways for the tunnelling construction operations. Currently the sites contain gantry cranes, construction stores of rebar electrical components pipes etc.

Yeah after the allergy is completed these sites can be resold for development of retail and housing or possibly simply repurposed for public squares or public use spaces.


Eglinton Crosstown LRT
Eglinton Crosstown LRT Overhead Gantry Crane January 2021
Eglinton Ave. LRT For all our remove building to build subway
Eglinton Crosstown LRT removed buildings to build underground subway near Avenue Rd.

The line was conceived in 2007 during the administration of Toronto mayor David Miller as part of Transit City, a large-scale transit expansion plan. Construction began in 2011 and was to be completed in 2020;[6] it has been delayed more than once, current in January 2021 no completion date is being given.

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