OBITUARY ANDREW MERRILEES the man who was Canada’s leading railway historian



43 years today, Andrew Merrilees, the founder of one of the great Junction Railroad companies, which until a few years ago sat at 189 Old Weston Rd died on this date, on December 3, 1979. who was  probably Canada’s leading railway historian.

He began 1946, Andrew Merrilees Ltd., a company which bought and sold used railway equipment.

Two of the companies reclamation projects the Hull Electric Railway (1947) and the 1949-1950 removal and marketing of the tracks  of the North Yonge Railways. The reporting marks on the companies freight cars were AAMX.


Merrilees Andrew Ltd 189 Old Weston Rd, Building now the most
Building has been demolished
ANDREW MERRILEES site old Weston Rd 2022


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