Gord Perks on Bill 39



My letter to the Mayor to call a special meeting on Bill 39 before December 8. I also brought up the need for this at the November council meeting youtu.be/1xJ-J36mPF4


During our City Council Inauguration, you shared your intention to have Bill 39 debated at City Council.

Torontonians are continuing to raise their voice in opposition both to the specifics of the bill and undemocratic move to bring it forward without consultation.

With Bill 39 scheduled to receive final debate by December 8th, I urge you to call a Special Meeting of Council to discuss this bill so that there is an opportunity for input before it is passed Queen’s Park.

Everyone across our city should have the right to have their voices heard through their democratic local government.

Your commitment to a Special Meeting of Council to debate Bill 39 is appreciated, however the timing of that meeting is crucial.

A Special Meeting of Council to debate Bill 39 before December 8 is necessary.

Than you for your consideration

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Bill 39, Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022  the Act would expand mayoral powers and aim to reduce municipal duplication in order to realize joint provincial-municipal priorities 

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