High Park Access For All RALLY SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23RD. AT 11.00 AM



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High Park, Deeded by The Howards to the City in 1873

“It must be for the free use, benefit and enjoyment of all citizens”

High Park closed to vehicles for Covid and since then has continued to be closed on weekends and statutory holidays, now the City Council has voted to continue the current closure and work towards 365 days a year closure by 2027.

This, without consideration for those who rely, enjoy, and use the park for its facilities and wonderful natural habitat on a regular basis, nor  the impact on Disabled, Seniors and families with young children. Not to mention the occasional broken ankle, or bad knees…..

High Park has unique features that attract local and worldwide visitors and has both natural and cultural resources and specialized outdoor recreational facilities, not found in other Toronto Parks. Along with miles of natural trails taking visitors through natural forests abundant with native plants and wildlife, it offers more formal gardens, Grenadier Pond , Labrinth, Nature Centre, High Park Zoo, Childrens Garden, Colborne Lodge Museum, Adventure Playground, Allotment Gardens, Dog Hill, Sports Facilities, Swimming Pool and Splash Pad, with the Grenadier Café to rest and refresh, and all these areas are car free.

High Park needs Access For All….

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