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Cango: 3449 Dundas St W: Windermere Ave, car wash growing big big big.

Cango: 3449 Dundas St W: Windermere Ave, car wash growing big big big. It even appears parts will be two stories tall.

Good save of beautiful oriel window building front by building owner

This building housing Scandinavia and I hear now Japanese furniture and designer maker objects has won a coup with its present owners. After an extended period fronted with scaffolding, now removed the wonderfully designed front outcrop is still there.

This architectural feature on this building has long been a prize in the facade treatments of the Junction.

Great to see it remain.

Mjölk (Milk) pure, honest, and essential. Mjölk represents designers from … Located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto. Mjölk. 2959 Dundas St W; Toronto Canada. 416-551-9853 …

Location:The Queensway,Toronto,Canada

Does the Junction lack men wear shop.

The Dundas St W. strip in the Junction has no Men’s wear shop. At one time it had a number. including including acmen’s store at Medland Ave and Dundas St. , one on Keele St just north of Dundas St. West.

On Bloor St just of Bathurst Ave last week this anomaly stuck this author. We really need one, hopefully one with great window displays such as this one on Bloor St. W.

New store or film set at Dundas St. W. and Mc Murray Ave.

Film set, they filmed Sunday

Runnymede Rd. underpass graffiti artist work…

Is quite lame. Who ever is doing this could put some more time and effort into it.

Is the Hole in the Wall the place to be?

Dundas St. South side at Keele St.

Recently, this author has heard of many people frequenting the Hole in the Wall. Is this establishment filling a void caused by the departure of the Troubadour?

The Hole in the Wall, has a warm and definitely cozy atmosphere, with great local brews on offer. They are slowly introducing a small food menus, that seem to follow a theme each weekend…comfort foods, artisan cheeses etc.

Many people this author knows are enjoying this revitalized pub with its great music and inviting environment.

Is the neighborhood still lacking places where neighbors can gather and unwind after a long week?

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Runnymede Health Centre and it's original arch entryway

Amazingly the people who run the Runnymede Health Centre planned and succeeded in saving the original arch entryway. The old building was taken down for a much needed new building.

Robbing out the original arch from the building was a best possible choice. It not only saves a important architectural element of the built environment of the community, the effort also provides an avenue for a project to provide situational use remembrance of the site and it’s storied history.

Now the arch sits stored at rear of the new building.

The 1st image is part of the arch still in place during the demolition.

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Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction

This image indicates their were still traditional forms of recycling practised in among the industries throughout the Junction in 1990

Barrels like the must have been easily found at the meat packers, paint factories, starch processors and rendering companies.

We still have a drum manufacturing coming on Glen Scarlett Rd. We are so lucky.


Digital Image Number: I0021492.JPG
Title: Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction area of Toronto
Date: 1990
Creator: Robert Teteruck
Format: Black and white print
Reference Code: F 4445-3
Item Reference Code: F 4445-3-0-0-7

Canada Water week site and screening of Tapped

Lampton Ave combo retail and house building really excites

Scarce. Buildings exhibiting a character of use though a multitude of small changes over time, and seeming frozen from change are becoming non existent in the the Greater Junction Area.

This Lampton building is one of the last pristine examples.

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