Eclectic furniture store on Annette St. Has high polish

572 Annette St. Is the location of a well laid and interestingly stocked store.

This area of Annette is quickly becoming home to lifestyle goods stores that are outshining stores on the main aerial strips such as Dundas St w. and Bloor St. W.




A decade ago, I would not have guessed that so many interesting businesses would set up shop along Annette. It's an interesting street in that it has the same basic character of a mix of residential uses and neighbourhood-oriented institutions, with light amount of business space from Dundas to Jane. We now seem to be getting the most out of those businesses spaces.

It's becoming more interesting, though I hope it doesn't see more church closures. With demographic changes and religious worship on the decline, it's not improbable. It would be good to see more public uses of churches if they close, keeping intact the historic artwork and craftsmanship inside.

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