Should the community collaboratively design the parkette changes|?

Update: I seem to have upset the JRA as they have read in the post that I was stating theyof not holding public consultation efforts…so this was not my intention or belief as I do believe they do.

The purpose  of the post to have the parks departments (without being too tough on the people you are in contact with) to hold a design community meeting. This is simply to capture all the people in the community that use the park, which is part of their responsibility.

Vine Parkette has 100,000 dollars for new play equipment earmarked in the parks capital budget if city council approvals (time to email Sara”s office).  The current play structure was installed a couple years ago and certified for children ages 5-12.  What type of equipment do you believe would improve Vine Parkette?  Recently, the blog was told by local pre-teens that monkey bars and other climbing/balancing apparatus would be appreciated by the older kids.  What specific equipment would you like to see in the park?

The blog would like to propose that the Junction Residents Association and the City of Toronto Parks Department hold a design meeting alongside the community to collaboratively design the park so that all voices can be heard.


There was some rumbling a few years ago about installing a splash pad in place of the wading pool, saving untold liters of water a year. I think the current lighting is adequate with all the lumens flooding in from the railyard and the rona. I would personally like to see some money going towards maintaining our mature trees and some steel mesh for the basketball nets- so we can stop chasing our balls all over the park. But, you never know, trees may fall under a different budget and steel mesh for the rims may not exist as a budget line item.

The JRA parks committee who has been collaborating with the community on all three JRA parks including extensive door to door canvassing on Vine Park.
To clarify the post, Vine Park has not received any money for improvements yet. The money I believe the Junctioneer is referring to is the existing capital for parks in our area. This capital is not approved yet and may be cut.
The parks department informed the JRA parks committee that Vine Park is up for possible funding this year. The JRA parks committee is meeting to review our Vine Park improvement survey and the Vine Park master plan.
As always we will hold a public meeting on the subject. The meeting will most likely be during our March 10, 2011 community meeting, 7pm at the West Toronto Baptist Church.
Anyone interested in the park please come out.
Martin JRA Chair

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