Can the Village by the Park be a part of the Junction Residential community?

The Village by the Park condo development has become a welcomed addition to the Junction, with it’s 643 units.  Many of the condo owners bought into the area because they were attracted by the Junction and the local development.  The issue, with the development is the consistency of boundary lines.  The east side of Keele to Indian Road is included in the Junction Business Improvement Association (JBIA)  BUT it is not included in the Junction Residents Association.  East of Keele, is included in the West Bend Residents Association.  The blog feels that this boundary discrepancy, loses the voices and participation of people who bought into the Junction but aren’t allowed to have their opinions heard on Junction issues.  The blog means no disrespect to the great efforts of the West Bend, but should we not include the development that is considered in all other ways to be in the Junction?  The blog believes that the JRA boundaries ought to be shifted to Indian Road to be consistent with the JBIA.

any opinions?


As a condo owner, I say yes please.
We moved from Parkdale to the Junction because we love the neighbourhood and want to be a part of the community, like the one we left. I can honestly say that I would not have moved into any other condo in the downtown area and one of the reasons if because of the neighbourhood this development is in.
As it stands, it kind of feels like we're in a bit of a no-man's land, not quite the Junction, not quite the Junction triangle… I think overall the people I've met in the building have been pretty down to earth, everyday folks all excited about living here. It would be nice to have a place to put that energy.

I'm sure the residents and especially the business owners of the JRA will welcome all 643 units with open arms. As more businesses open on the strip south of the condo to Keele it will begin to feel more like a continuous neighbourhood.

Especially considering that so far 4 of the 5 retail shops in Tower A have been leased to people living in the development.
Plus, I know of several self-employed people in my building that could take part if they wanted to.

The "Junction" RA's boundaries are odd given their name. They don't even include the people living closest to the junction from which the area takes its name. West Toronto Junction was a large area with a lot of different communities, but they shared a connection to industry and the railway which led to the area's development and character.

A BIA or residents association can use "The Junction" name in referring to a part of the area that they can practically represent, but shouldn't expect to claim that name for their exclusive use considering the historical and geographical context of West Toronto Junction: The issues facing people on Mulock Avenue may be better represented by a different RA than the "Junction" RA, but they are undoubtedly in The Junction when geography and history are considered.

The JRA is pleased that people respect our work enough to want us to expand our territory.
The Junction Residents Association has reviewed the new condo and I have to admit even our executive committee don’t all agree on if we should change our boundaries or not.
It is worth noting that anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend our meetings, participate in discussions, ask questions, enjoy our guest speakers, receive our newsletter and help out in community projects. However only resident members can vote or make a motion.
The reason we haven’t changed yet is the East side of Keele is a different ward and city district which means not only a different councilor but different city staff, committee of adjustments, building department, the list goes on. This effectively doubles the work of the JRA and given they already have a well-established and respected RA (The West Bend) the duplication seemed inefficient.
The JRA gets it direction from the membership however so if a member feels the change is a good idea they are welcome to raise a motion to expand our territory at our next meeting, March 10, 7pm at the West Toronto Baptist Church.

Martin JRA Chair

Martin's points about the JRA and West Bend group are well taken.

Just wanted to mention that the West Toronto Junction Historical Society covers the historical boundaries of the 1908 city of West Toronto — which definitely include Heintzman Place, the new name of Village By the Park. WTJHS has offered a one time only special membership reduction for Heintzman Place residents to welcome them to the community and celebrate the unique history of their site. Details are available at the property management office or you can email


Sorry to be the dissenting voice here, but I've found a lot of my new neighbours to be quite inconsiderate. Thank you so much for letting your dogs crap in my front yard new neighbours, I really appreciate it! And before you say "how do you know its us??"… simple, because you exit your condo building, allow your dog to relieve itself on my lawn, and then walk around the block via the alleyway and go back inside.

A little consideration would go a long way folks. I'm not passing judgement as of yet, but times a tickin'….

Oh and coming from the BA Exec Director, that's supposed to be an objective opinion? Please it's as full of lunatics, crack addicts and criminals as ever.

I agree, I think that the JRA should rethink it's boundaries, and maybe all the little associations should get together and form an umbrella group. But the JRA itself is too small to really be workable.

This did not come from the BIA's exec director – BA Exec Director

Actually he doesn't think the author of this post can do much at all 🙂

Dev; No, they don't clean it up. Actually, thats not true. Some of the older ladies who walk their dogs at night do, but most of the younger lot seem to think, *ahem* literally, that their s*** doesn't stink and do not clean up after their pets. Lord knows what they'll do when they have kids

When I move somewhere new (been a while) I try and fit into the community. Unfortunately the condo dwellers are not exactly practicing this themselves.

Agree 100% West Bend. You can paint the rosiest picture of the Junction all you want people, but until you are willing to accept the massive drug and crime problem that takes place daily from Keele to Dupont, you're living in a fantasy.

So get the families and "hipsters" (as the article states) to move here all you want, but don't address the actual issues at hand that affect our neighbourhood. Its like putting lipstick on a mule.

I think the JRA should extend its boundaries to include the west bend. I l moved to the west bend last year. I considered participating in the West Bend Community Association, but they have not updated their web site in two years. And after contacting them via "contact us", I have not heard any reply for over a month. Would be nice to be a part of a more active or accessible resident's association.

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