Canada Iron & Metal Co. fire 3534 Dundas St W

18 fire trucks and 70 firefighters were on scene according to the Toronto Star
Jane and Dundas scrap fire 005

Jane and Dundas scrap fire 009

Jane and Dundas scrap fire 026


It's called grandfathering. If it existed before by-law changes, it can stay.

For example, there is a new by-law being looked by city council at that would ban one-story buildings (houses, stores, etc.). However, if a one-story building is already existing, it stays because of grandfathering.

Canada Iron & Metal c/o Has Been Keeping our City Clean By Buying Scrap Metal That Would Just Be Laying Around On Are Street,s Or In our Land Fill Sites. Scrap Yard,s Are very Important Businesses In Every City. Around The World.

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