Sad yet somehow telling as many RA’s in the community have very few people attend their meetings, always the blog wonders, why?

from the notice…

The SJTRA has not met for well over 1 year and has basically come to
an end.  After the May 2008 public meeting, there was only a small bit
of action among the committees, but everything has been quiet since.
Several attempts were made to spur the group back into action, but
nothing has proceeded.

Although the association has come to an end,  the website (will keep) going as a community resource so that everyone can still
communicate online.

This leaves a gap in the neighbourhood, as there is no “residents
association” that encompasses the entire area.  There are still some
other very worthy groups in the area though, and you can still get
involved with them.  For example, the South Perth and Sterling
Residents Association, DIGIN, Fuzzy Boundaries

emailed by Vic Gedris – webmaster

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