Great work being done with the South Junction Triangle RA site

Over at the South Junction Triangle RA site there are some great community informative posts – well worth looking at.

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Despite a series of inaccurate maps by the Globe and Mail I wanted to reassure people that we in fact live in 11 Division in terms of Policing.

The Globe has been trying to push a “Murder Capital Of Toronto” angle on the Keele and Eglinton area and through their sloppy reporting we got drawn into this

We Are In 11 Division

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Although this building and surrounding grounds are fully secured right now, it has been a notable place for urban explorers to visit and photograph. It seems that Jonathan has visited many times, and has collected a great series of photos of the buildings’ interiors, as well as the view from inside the tower
Tower Automotive: What’s Inside? (worth the click to see the iamge of the site by Vic Gedris)

Post 3)

Although the “unofficial” Railpath Opening Parade happened just over one month ago, work still continues on some of the Railpath’s final touches.

Recently, the Dupont and Bloor bridges were painted orange, and new “West Toronto Railpath” lettering was added. The wooden bridge decking is now complete

Railpath: Bridges get some upgrades

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