West Toronto councilors’ websites

The Junctioneer aims to post regular information about each community in West Toronto.

Today we began to look at the elected councilors’ websites, in hopes of finding an ongoing account of what they are up to in each of their communities. Some provide this information and some don’t. We know they are busy, but knowing what they are busy with is of interest to us.

One councilor, Frank Di Giorgio, has a simple but impressive site — although a bit out of date. Look at his Ingram transfer Station green space effort. His PDF “get involved” newsletter is great! He even provides a prepared letter to the mayor.
Frank Di Giorgio Ingram Transfer Station site page

Below are the west-end councilor website listings. Have a look yourself.

http://www.billsaundercook.ca/ Bill Saundercook
www.mariaaugimeri.com Maria Augimeri
http://www.fdigiorgio.ca/ Frank Di Giorgio
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/hall1.htm Suzan Hall
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/holyday1.htm Doug Holyday
www.adamgiambrone.ca Adam Giambrone
www.markgrimes.ca Mark Grimes
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/lindsay_luby1.htm Gloria Lindsay Luby
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/mammoliti1.htm Giorgio Mammoliti
www.petermilczyn.com Peter Milczyn
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/nunziata1.htm Frances Nunziata
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/palacio1.htm Cesar Palacio
www.joepantalone.org Joe Pantalone
www.gordperks.ca Gord Perks
http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/perruzza1.htm Anthony Perruzza
www.karenstintz.com Karen Stintz

Wondering who your councillor is? click here to link to the city’s find your councillor site

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