Vine Ave. parkette Shed cartoons

Vine Parkette Cartoons may 13th 2008

Picture credit – R English 2008

A reader today emailed us photos of the Vine Ave parkette being painted with cartoons. Is this one of a lot installations like this? Both the painter and the boy in the foreground like it!


Thats Aaron Zimmerman! (the painter) – He ran an Art improvement Graffiti Project at the Harbourfront Community Center when I worked there as a Youth Outreach Worker! He used to live in the neighbourhood…love the cartoons!

Wouldn't it be great to have a wall put up on the East side of Vine Park to block out the construction parking lot and have colourful cartoon graffiti such as this painted on it.

I know there has been talk for years to have a wall go up with murals along the north side of the park to block out the trains. However, I like seeing seeing the trains go by and many children do too.

Just a thought.

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