More buyers opting for condos in Toronto


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More people are buying condos in Toronto rather than single-detached homes states article in today’s National Post (which can be said to include the 2 to 5 unit build houses that comprise much of the old city of Toronto’s housing stock?)

Highlight points..

The former City of Toronto, representing 50% of the GTA’s condo development activity, states a story in todays National Post.

Resale unit pricing was up 8.3% from last year

Construction began on 4,546 new condo units in the greater Toronto area in the first quarter of 2008

Survey: 56 more condos so far in ’08 (National Post)

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We're one of those people, we love the Junction area but can't afford a detached house here, I don't want anything semi-detached because the insullation is so bad that you can hear your neighbours breathe.
Some condo developments are becoming more family-friendly, they offer 3 bedrooms and family-friendly common areas… we were lucky to buy a huge 3 bedroom + den condo from "options for homes" by Delterra that will be built in the spot where the former Canadian Tire once stood by Dundas and Keele, the price was incredible.

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