a walk through the Eglinton/ Caledonia area

Eglinton/ Caledonia

Walk though the Eglinton/Caledonia area –  down through a side street and what you will see is the growth of small post war bungalows into mini mansions. The top two houses in the above image show the two distinct styles currently being chosen by most people – the stucco or the veneer stone. Of course neither of these has a strong history in numbers of Toronto housebuilding. What people want is the appearance of  stone, which they get in this method of external finish.

The bottom two houses clearly detail the old and the new, and many people would not enjoy living in the small post WWII house. But why must the “new” residential architecture of Toronto be an agglomeration and not something really true to the new conditions of Toronto. Should the brighter of the west end architects and housing designers speak up to their clients?

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I think it's more of a case of house flippers, they buy a microscopic prewar bungalow and turn it into a monstrosity for profit, they couldn't care less if the design matches the rest of the houses on the street, it's happening all over Toronto, those two styles are really popular right now, even though they look really out of place.

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